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We don't just provide a service. We partner with you and work together on your biggest challenges.
Building successful applications requires collaboration to gain insight into your core business needs.
The future of your company must be handled carefully. Failure is not an option so we're in this together. We believe what's good for you is also good for us, no matter what.
Execution is the key to a successful project and that can only be achieved when you pay attention to details. We care about the result, so we're all about the details.
We all have unique problems. Building the right solution makes all the difference.
Mobile Apps
Web Apps
The Cloud
Mobile App Development
Users come first, devices and platform second. There is no room for mistakes, user experience must be perfect.
Every app is unique with a specific business value and different user base. We can only get there with a careful development process, paying attention to details and getting constant feedback from users. We iterate quickly and move fast.
Web App Development
Responsive web design, modern technology stack, quick iterations.
There is no silver bullet when it comes to web apps. Multiple platforms, modern programming languages, different web frameworks, it's all part of the game. On top of that, each cloud environment brings different challenges. True commitment, technical prowess and caring for the minor things is the ultimate key to a successful project.
The Cloud
Whenever you're ready so are we.
Moving to the cloud is no easy feat. Some applications have a harder time moving than others and that's ok. Building applications from scratch is also demanding, especially when considering all possibilities each vendor provides. We can help with all decisions involved and be hands-on whenever necessary.
To assemble the right team there must be balance. Well-trained and long-term professionals give us plenty of options to satisfy the most challenging projects.
Team Basic
Team Pro
Team Basic
This dev team is a true Swiss army knife. Small, quick and it fits in your pocket!
  • 1 Team Leader (central point of communication)
  • 2 Full Stack Developers
  • 1 UI/UX (on demand)
We recommend this to 75% of our projects. It's an excellent starting point and from there it's easy to scale up or down.
Team Pro
This dev team is a true rocket. Just a little spark and watch it go.
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Team Leader (central point of communication)
  • 3-6 Full Stack, Back-end, Front-end Developers
  • 1 UI/UX (full time)
Make sure you have enough requirements to fuel this team! Must go bigger? No problem!
Having ZBRA as a partner in software development is a privilege and a guarantee that the best will be done for your project. Their team is agile, committed, dedicated and they have a systemic look at the project - without mentioning their attentiveness and professionalism. They transform demands into innovative solutions, planning and executing way beyond the initial expectations. Our partnership over the years empowered Indicadores Ethos - our online application - to be used by 3,700 companies. It has evolved to be a complete and complex solution while still keeping its qualities and efficiencies.
Juliana Soares
Instituto Ethos